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    Amanda Mortier

    Would it still be considered a split stay as described above if you are only making a room type change? We would like to start our stay in a royal guest room at POR, then switch to a standard room (also at POR). Thanks!!

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    On our honeymoon we did a split stay between the Beach Club and the Contemporary. It was amazing. We were family of the day when we arrived at the beach club and got bumped up to suite level. We stayed 3 nights there. We went to Epcot several times for rides and food, strolled the Boardwalk, and took in the hotel and pool during this part of our stay which was very convenient witht the location. On the switch hotels day we took the boat to DHS and then the bus to the contemporary. It was a smooth transition and disney moved our luggage seamlessly. We then checked into our MK view room and it was pure magic. We spent the next four days there walking to MK, monorailing to the resorts for Food, and taking in the views from our balcony. We threw an AK day in there as well. Overall the split stay was just perfect. It made things very relaxed as we were so close to the parks at all times. We took a total of 5 buses on a 7 night trip (including the magical express) which was so much better than what we were used to. It was definitely more on the pricey side but it was our Honeymoom and it was totally worth it!

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