When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World?

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We all know the crowds at Disney World can be horrible, especially in those hot summer months. So I wanted to share with you some tips to help you avoid the crowds which can definitely make for a more magical experience.

Try to avoid the summer – The parks are most crowded in the summer June thru August. This is the absolute worst time to visit the parks. The weather is disgustingly hot, I don’t know how anyone can enjoy the parks just from the heat alone. The resort prices go way up. I have seen the cheapest value resort room go for double the price then it was in the off-season, to me that is crazy for a small room. I live in Orlando and I have gone in the summer and I will never do it again.

The holidays are also a bad time to visit. However that can be a double edge sword because the holidays at Disney World are incredible but that also comes with higher prices and larger crowds. The holiday resort prices can go even higher during Christmas and New Years then in the summer. If you are brave and can put up with crowds I would definitely recommend experiencing the parks during the holidays. If you are not ok with very large crowds or have a phobia then I would say stay away. If you have to come I would do it the first 2 weeks of December before Christmas which is the worst week to go!

Chip’s Tips: Keep in mind a very crowded park means very crowded buses. Which means a very long wait and more standing after a long day of a lot of walking. It could also mean that you don’t get a seat on the bus because they pack people on those buses like sardines sometime. I know I look forward to that seat on the bus after walking around all day.

When we like to go. The best time to visit is January thru April. One big reason is the weather. I am always hot anyway so to go in the heat for me is not going to happen. The weather is much cooler in January. The lowest crowds I have ever seen is in January. I have been to the parks in January and it was almost empty. I could just walk on the rides and there were no lines anywhere. February would be a close second. The closer you get to the summer months the more crowded the parks get.

Chip’s Tips: I recommend a subscription to Touring Plans. It is a very low fee for a year. They have the crowd calendars, lines, touring plans, etc. Touring Plans is a must if you want to avoid the crowds and get the most out of your Disney vacation.

Best times during the day to go. The Parks start to empty out a bit at around dinner time and usually the later it gets the crowds thin out. I think that is because people with young children have to go back to the room for a breather, which is totally understandable. However if it’s a special event or Halloween or Christmas Party night then expect crowds to stay steady. The beauty of the parties is that there are far fewer tickets sold then for a regular park day. The parties can be crowded too, especially the closer you get to the actual holiday. I have gone to the Halloween Party in early October and this year we went on Halloween day and there is definitely a difference in the crowds but still not like a normal packed day at the parks.

Chip’s Tips: I recommend eating at off times. If you eat at typical meal times you will find very long lines and no tables, which annoys me the most. If you go just 30 minutes to an hour after those typical times you will see a huge difference.

If you have only visited Disney in the summer I would recommend that you go during the off-season, if possible. You will see a big difference in your overall experience and that will definitely make for a more magical vacation. Not only will you save a ton of money but you will enjoy cooler temps and less crowds. Those may not seem like a lot to a lot of people but it’s the little things that add up. You spend a lot of money to go to Disney so you should get maximum enjoyment.

Chip’s Tips: Before you start planning your next Disney World Vacation we picked up a Disney Rewards Visa which we have been using for everyday items. Not only do you earn rewards for Disney you also get 6 months to pay off your Disney Vacation. For more details check out this article.

Disney World is always magical no matter time you visit. Any day at Disney is better than no day at Disney. For those of us who are heat or crowd sensitive or just want to save a few bucks, these tips are for you.

Sunshine is a Disney fanatic. You will find her counting down the days until she goes back to Disney, while annoying her daughter with all things Disney.


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5 thoughts on “When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World?

  1. i love your advice! Getting ready to go in March. Have visited, early April, mid Oct, and 1 week before Christmas… worst time was one week before Christmas… the closer it got to Christmas Day, the busier the parks got we noticed… any weather recommendations in for March?

  2. Sept/Oct is great with low crowds and shorter wait times, lower rates, plus the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT and the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! and the past few years Disney has offered free dining to those staying at a WDW resort, however, there is a downside, it’s HOT and humid and it stays HOT and that is sort of a spoiler. It is do-able though I’ve done it 3 times but now we prefer the cooler and iffy weathered Jan/Feb time frame just because it isn’t.

  3. Over the years I have visited nearly every time of the year. My favorite time has to be January/February….Its was a bit on cool there – but there were NO CROWDS.

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