It is That Time Again for Dapper Day at Disney

Hollywood Studios is getting ready for its next fan-based event, a special day that is not officially aligned with the theme parks, but it is a day to dress up and visit Disney World or Disneyland for Dapper Day.  On September 7th in Disneyland and September 8th at Hollywood Studios, visitors for Dapper Day will honor it as a day to dress up and visit Disney.  Guests will come dressed in costume that reminds one of the old Imagineer illustrations in which Epcot guests were dressed as if they were going to the opera or a high-end restaurant. These illustrations are what inspired Dapper Day’s concept said organizer Justin Jorgensen.

“Wouldn’t it be really great if just for once we could make these illustrations come to life?” Jorgensen thought.

Participants come dressed in costumes anywhere from the 1890’s to modern-day. One can tell from photographs from past Dapper Days that there is a penchant for bow-ties from many guests. Joegensen expects some 1940’s and 1950’s wear this year since it will be hosted in Hollywood Studios. After the park closes the group plans to continue the day at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

Jorgensen says the special attire makes an excellent photo opportunity with the park as a backdrop.

“That’s the No. 1 draw of Dapper Days — people taking photos in the park,” he says. “Their photos just become spectacular.”

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