This Minion S’More Takes Us to the Moon

Minion s’more

We may not be able to understand them, but we also can’t resist the adorable minions from Despicable Me. Apparently, they can become even more irresistible when chocolate is involved. Meet the new Minion S’mores now available at Universal Orlando!

Universal Studios is known for bringing big coasters, hardcore entertainment, fantastic fantasy lands, and some pretty unforgettable characters to central Florida. They can definitely add delicious snacks to that list with these s’mores. The only question is: would you really eat a minion?

In this case, we have to encourage you to suck it up and take a bite. Yes, he’s adorable, but he’s also stuffed with a marshmallow. Don’t worry. His little minion friends will never have to know.

Minions were first featured in Despicable Me in 2010. Their popularity was proven when the movie spawned a sequel (and more) and then a self-titled film about the little creatures themselves in 2015. They’ve become costumes, backpacks, balloons, kites, and more since their debut. Minions have also been fan-favorite characters for guests of Universal Studios since they found their way into the park.

Grab the Minion S’mores at Studio Sweets in Universal Orlando. They cost $6.00 each and are eligible for the Annual Passholder discount. Better hurry over if you want to try one though. Minions have been known to get easily distracted by evil geniuses and bananas!

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Allison Luna