Things You Can Get for Free at the Disneyland Resort

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Vacationing at the Disneyland Resort can get pretty pricey. I’m always looking for ways to save money on my trip or ways to make it more memorable without having to spend more. There are quite a few things that you can get for free at the Disneyland Resort. Check out this list for your next trip:

Jungle Cruise Map

When you get off of the Jungle Cruise, ask a cast member for a cool free map. Most cast members know about the maps and will get you one if you ask. I have heard that sometimes they make you tell a joke or do a trick in exchange for the map.

Souvenir Buttons

Are you celebrating something while at the resort? There’s most likely a button for that! The most common buttons are birthday buttons, first visit buttons and “I’m Celebrating” buttons. You can pick up the buttons at City Hall on Main Street. If you’re celebrating your birthday, definitely get a button! Cast members and even other guests will wish you happy birthday throughout the day.

Mark Twain Riverboat Pilot Certificate

If you get the opportunity to ride in the wheelhouse and pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat, you’ll be awarded with a pilot certificate at the end of the ride. It’s a great souvenir to remember that special experience!

The Buena Vista Bugle

Disney California Adventure has it’s own newspaper called The Buena Vista Bugle. You can pick one up at the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café. It has all kinds of  fun news and information about the park.

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters Ride Photo

Most ride photos cost you money. Not this one! When you exit Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters head to the photo screens and find your picture. You can then email it to yourself for free!

Replacement Balloon

If you purchase a balloon at the Disneyland Resort and it pops, they will replace it for free! Cast members will replace other broken merchandise as well as dropped ice cream. We got a free spray bottle/fan when our first one stopped working. Gotta love Disney magic!

Lilly Belle Ticket

Riding the Lilly Belle is a rare and exciting experience. If you are lucky enough to get to ride, you’ll also get a nifty ticket as a souvenir.


Bring a book, photo matt, piece of fabric…etc, and have it autographed by all of your favorite characters for free! We took an encyclopedia of characters and each character loved signing their very own page.


Don’t bother buying bottles of water in the parks! You can get ice water for free at most counter service restaurants. Or bring in your own water bottle from home and fill it up at the water fountains throughout the parks.


Be sure to bring your camera to the parks with you. There are tons of great photo opportunities! Take pictures in front of iconic landmarks and with favorite Disney characters. The PhotoPass photographers will take your picture for you with both their camera and yours for free.

What are some things you’ve gotten for free at the Disneyland Resort?

Disneyland is an unforgettable place and taking home free souvenirs makes it even more memorable! Contact me today to start planning your next  magical Disney vacation.

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