The Sweet Disney Obsessed Collection Is Now On shopDisney

Not too long ago we discovered the new Disney Obsessed Collection at the local Disney Store, and of course immediately fell in love. One of the questions we kept getting was when will it show up online? Well good news, because it’s now available on shopDisney, with even more delicious choices.

This tasty collection includes an assortment of fabulous Disney finds inspired by Donuts and Avocados! A palette of soft pinks, blues, and greens bring this adorable collection to life with decor, kitchen goods, and apparel that’s so cute you’ll have to resist taking a bit!

We had seen a lot of frosted Mickey and Minnie Donut items at the store, but just check out all of the new avocado offerings! I know there’s a lot of avocado obsessed Disney fans out there, and this is definitely a treat for them! The way to creamy green pops against the cotton candy pink is simply perfection too.

There’s even a nod to Avocado toast with the fun Mickey and Minnie avo pin set!

The rest of the collection is an adorable mix of frosted pinks and blues. Sprinkles and frosting top off donut inspirations for apparel, stationary, and some really fun mugs. This half of the collection speaks to me because it’s all about Disney and Caffeine, both which keep me going throughout the day!

You can take a bit out of this deliciously adorable collection online at shopDisney, and your local Disney Store now!

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