The Space Ranger Slushy is BACK in Magic Kingdom

We went “To Infinity and Beyond” to get the Space Ranger Slushy that has returned to Magic Kingdom. This refreshing treat inspired by Buzz Lightyear is located in Tommorland at Auntie Gravity’s.

The Space Ranger Slushy is a mix of green apple and grape slushy. It comes with a candy straw. This refreshing drink is $5.99 plus tax.

We were happy to see this drink return. It’s really a favorite on such a hot day at Magic Kingdom. It nice and light and not heavy like a milkshake. The green apple and grape flavors paired very well together.

I would definitely recommend this one if you’re in Tomorrowland and looking for something nice and refreshing for a snack. It’s also named after one of our favorite characters so it’s a win.

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Susan Wilson