The Pixar Pals Parking Structure Will Help Enhance the Guest Arrival Experience

The Pixar Pals Parking Structure Will Help Enhance the Guest Arrival Experience

The new parking structure at Disneyland is coming right along. With an anticipated opening date in July (maybe sooner) draws closer work continues to complete the new multi-level garage. With over 5,000 spaces available the garage will help ease overcrowding in other lots and lessen any parking frustration.

The six-level garage will be known as Pixar Pals. Each level will be assigned one beloved Pixar film that will hopefully make it easier to remember where you parked. So at the end of a long day when you are trying to find your keys, you can also find Nemo and your vehicle.  Other than level 5, the Finding Nemo level, the other levels are equally as memorable. Level 1, the Incredibles will have trams to the parks and Downtown Disney, if you prefer to walk, level 2 Coco will the place to find the walkway to the parks and Downtown Disney. The other three levels are level 3, Cars, level 4, Monsters, Inc. and level 6, Inside Out. The garage will utilize an electronic parking system to assist guests in getting to spaces easily and efficiently.

The new garage is part of Project Stardust, an initiative of enhancements throughout the resort designed to maintain and improve the guest experience visitors expect from the Disney parks. With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening May 31 and the anticipated increase of visitors Project Stardust is pro-actively addressing concerns where the increased crowds may have an impact. The changes have been slowly occurring for some time now. Enhanced curbs with less of an incline, reworked queue lines, and more efficient ordering at some dining locations are just a few of the changes.

Stay tuned for more updates of Project Stardust enhancements.

Source: Disney

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