The Magic Behind the ‘Company’ Getting to Know DragynAlly

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The Magic Behind the 'Company' Getting to Know DragynAlly 1

DragynAlly comes in fashionably late with her Magic behind the ‘Company’ article.

About You:

Name? DragynAlly but the birth certificate says Dana
Where do you live? East Coast
How long have you been with Chip and Company? 2 months
What topics do you write about? My personal Disney experiences.
Favorite C&C Writer? I love them all equally!
Do you have a Blog or Website? The Dragyn’s Lair
What do you talk about there? Any and everything that makes me happy
Have a Facebook Page or Twitter? and
Favorite Disney Website other than Chip and Company?
What % of your clothes and house is decorated with Disney Gear? Sadly only 10%
Chip or Dale? No Chip and Dale… This must be remedied!

About the Parks:

What’s your Favorite Disney Park? Epcot the mix of tech and travel speaks to me!
How many Times have you been to the Disney Parks? 4 times it will be up to 5 come May
What’s your First Disney Memory? Walking around the World Showcase with my family
What is your favorite Ride, Show, and Event? Ride: Test Track Show: Illuminations Event: Flower and Garden Festival
Where is your favorite place to get your grub on? The Wave
What’s your favorite snack? Soft Pretzel
You have the whole park to yourself tell us what park it would be and plan of attack? This question doesn’t tell me how long I have in the parks… Let’s assume I have a week! I would spend day one in each park from open to close and ride everything several times over. After that  a few days in the resorts and their lovely restaurants.  I would spend a night in each of the Deluxe resorts in the most expensive rooms. I think that’s it.
Least Favorite Disney Ride or Attractions? Tower of Terror only cause I am scared of it!
What’s missing from the Parks?
Kid free zones like there are on the cruises.
Which thing do you wish Disney would bring back?
Pleasure Island.
What do you bring to the park with you?
My camera!
Do you fly, drive or take a Magic Carpet to the Disney Parks? Fly. When I was a teen the family drove… Never again!
What’s your most and least favorite Disney character and why? My favorite Disney characters include but are not limited to Goofy because I like his silly antics and Belle because I can relate to an intellectual outcast.  My least favorite characters…. Yeah I got nothing!
Dining Plan, OOP, or Bring Food with you?
I LOVE the dining plan but I have done the most recent trips OOP.
To ADR or Not to ADR? ADR but be flexible and don’t be afraid to show up at the last minute and ask if there is an opening.
Events at the park that cost extra good idea or should be included with park admission? I think they’re should be a way to include them in the park tickets. Like Magic and More should really mean “MORE”! So if you buy regular tickets then no extra events but Magic and More means you can get into any special event you want.
When is your next trip to WDW or DL? May 9 2011 (My Birthday!)

Everything Else Disney:
What is your favorite Disney Movie? A tie between Beauty and the Beast and A Goofy Movie
Do you do any Disney Collections? A small vinylmation and Disney trinkets (snow globes, music box, wallets, paintings, etc.) collection.
Have you been on a Disney Cruise or Adventures by Disney? I just went on a cruise in February on the Dream.  If you haven’t gone on a cruise find an excuse to go!
Ever been to DLRP or TDL? Nope but it is a dream!

Finally what does Disney Mean to you? Disney means the world to me. All puns intended. Disney is my past, present and future. Disney is fun and friends and happiness. It is the freedom to feel like a kid and escape reality even if just for a little while. Disney is my past because it has been a part of my life since before I could talk. In a way Disney is my childhood and my childhood fantasies brought to life. It is a part of who I am. I don’t need an inner child. I can be a forever child at Disney. I guess that’s a silly way to put it but I mean it. Disney is my present because I keep meeting new people and making some of the best friends I’ve ever had because of our connections to Disney. Disney is also the reason I started my blog and remembered why I love writing so much. Disney is also my dream for the future. I wanted to write films and am getting my MFA in screenwriting because I was inspired by Disney movies. I’m hoping that once I get my degree I can write for Disney or be an imagineer that helps design the stories behind Disney attractions. Funny… I’ve never said that aloud before.

The Magic Behind the 'Company' Getting to Know DragynAlly 2

The Magic Behind the 'Company' Getting to Know DragynAlly 3

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