The Green Alien Mickey Ears Have Us Saying “OOOH!”

The claw has chosen a cute new style of Mickey Ears, that we can’t resist. The claw has spoken, and Green Alien Mickey Ears are the newest Pixar inspired accessory we must have! Move over Minnie Ears, these new Toy Story inspired Mickey Ears are blasting off to infinity and beyond!

An extraterrestrial twist has been added to the classic Mickey style ear hat, for a look that’s simply adorable. Three plush eye sit atop of the hat with an antenna, that brings to life the iconic Green Alien “Oooh” expression we all know and love. The Mickey ears are blue, and sprinkled with stars, to add to the galactic style. One ear features “The Claw”, while the other ear says “I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!”. A purple trim has been added around the base of the hat, that resembles the collar of their spacesuits.

Currently these galactic Green Alien Mickey Ears are available at Disneyland, but we hope to see them land at Walt Disney World soon too!

Are there other Disney characters, attractions or styles you would like to see featured in the classic Mickey Ear hat style? We’ve seen a lot of variations of Minnie Ears headbands lately, maybe we’ll start seeing new Mickey ones too!

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