The Christmas Tree at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Christmas Tree
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is now fully decorated for the Christmas season!

In the past week, a four-story Christmas Tree and decorations were put up in the main lobby of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The tree at this resort is one of the largest Christmas Trees at Walt Disney World. The bright lights and custom ornaments are beautiful. It’s easy for guests to lose track of time while admiring the tree.

What makes this Christmas Tree display so special is how unique it is for a Florida resort. You truly feel like you’re transported to a Christmastime gathering somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Offering so many unique experiences makes Disney World a great place for the Christmas season!

Besides the Christmas Tree, a gingerbread house has been added this year for Wilderness Lodge. It’s designed to look like a log cabin with Humphrey the Bear decorating it! The resort has a table selling bakery treats near the gingerbread house, so it’s nice to grab a bite to eat while enjoying the sight of the Christmas Tree.

The main lobby is merry and bright for the next few weeks. We recommend seeing the Christmas Tree for yourselves if you plan on going to Disney World within the next month!

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Kevin Koszola