The Charmed Aroma Harry Potter Collection is perfect for Wizards and Muggles Alike

Christmas is just around the corner and we found the perfect gift for both witches and muggles. Charmed Aroma has an amazing Harry Potter collection. Not only are these beautiful candles by they have hidden jewelry inside.

The candles vary in price from $39.99 to $54.99. Each candle comes with a surprise piece of Sterling Silver jewelry. The picture above is the Horocrux Necklace collection. This copper mug candle and surprise necklace is $49.99 each.

The Cauldron Candle with Dark Arts ring collection are each $49.99.

The Golden Snitch Candle collection may be my favorite. For $54.99 this candle comes in a beautiful Golden Snitch and a surprise necklace.

Charmed Aroma also has Hogwarts Houses. Each house is represented and has a different Sterling Silver  necklace inside. The Hogwarts House candles are $39.99.

The Charmed Aroma Harry Potter collection would make an excellent present. Not only do you get a beautiful candle but the surprise jewelry inside is so fun. You can shop the collection here.

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Susan Wilson