The Best Things I Love About Disney Is…The Remy Experience

Rats are not supposed to be cute, especially in the dining room of a very nice restaurant and even more importantly on the cheese and fruit tray that has just been brought to your table. Well, Disney has done it again. They have taken everything above that is supposed to be horrifying and made it way TOO CUTE!! I’m talking about the Remy Experience at Les Chefs De France in the World Showcase at Epcot. Remy and his handler make several trips through the dining room at lunch and at least one trip at dinner. The current schedule (like everything else at Disney, subject to change) is Monday through Saturday at 12:30, 1:40, 2:50, and 5:20 PM.

When Remy visits your table he will talk to you with a somewhat limited vocabulary but believe me he gets his point across. The handler controls him through the handle on the tray lid and does an excellent job of it. The biggest surprise for me came when I pointed my camera at him (for the picture above) he looked straight at the camera and of course he said “Cheeeeeese”. It is a truly fun event and definitely adds to the dining experience. Remy and his handler try to visit as many tables as possible during the trip around the dining room and even if they don’t happen to stop directly at your table the tray can be rotated to face you and you won’t miss out. I may have forgotten to mention, the food and service at Les Chefs De France are both excellent and we will be returning on our next visit even if for some strange reason Remy is no longer there. It’s fun and it’s cute, enjoy your visit and say hi to Remy for me!!


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