Ten-Year-Old Who Was Told She Would Never Walk Finishes Disney Princess 5K

Girl finishes Princess 5k

A ten-year-old girl who was told she’d never be able to walk just finished a Disney Princess 5K! At Disney, dreams really do come true- especially, for ten-year-old Hannah Herman at this year’s Disney Princess 5K.

What makes this day extremely special for Hannah is that ten years ago, she was adopted by Erin Herman from an orphanage in Kazakhstan. They even got to run the race together to commemorate the day. However, this race was an extraordinary event because Erin was told by the orphanage when she first adopted Hannah that she may never even be able to walk, let alone run a race!

When Hannah was a baby, doctors diagnosed her with a severe club foot. They said that she may never be able to walk, but tried to give her any help that they could to make it a possibility. Even despite this great challenge, Hannah pushed through surgery and physical therapy as a young child.¬†Hannah’s rigorous work paid off and at the age of two, she finally took her very first steps!

According to Disney Parks Blog, Hannah eventually wants to complete a triathlon, something she is working very hard towards. And we can’t think of a more magical way to push herself and show off her hard work all these years than to complete a Disney Princess 5K!

We can’t wait to see what other goals Hannah completes! To see more of her inspiring story, see the video below (or click here).

Photo source Disney Parks Blog.

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