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  1. 13


    LOL. DH owns the mickey crocs not me, and he says I’m the addict… 😉

  2. 12


    I actually did cash in my retirement to purchase DVC. I have my entire family addicted also. My grandson 5 thinks Mickey’s house is our 2nd home. And it is! lol

  3. 11


    Well, I don’t have the waffle maker but does having the old CSR tv/dresser count? It’s awesome!

  4. 10


    “You go to Disney so often that Disney will never give you a pin code for a reduced room rate because they know you’re coming back anyway.”


  5. 9


    we had the mickey walffler when i was a kid but my mom gave it to my aunt and now its living in her hord and not even geting used! i miss the mickey waffles

  6. 8


    My Mickey Crocs are on my feet right now!

  7. 7


    I seriously see Hidden Mickey’s EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!Mar

  8. 6

    Practical Disney Mom

    Too funny! I love the one about Thanksgiving.

  9. 5


    I think the Mickey ice cute tray is an even greater sign because fewer people know about it. It shows your dedication. Good work.

  10. 4


    Park at the TTC and take the RM, of course.

  11. 3


    Does getting banned from a Disney forums for linking great articles like this count?

  12. 2


    Umm 7 out of 10 here…… I will say I don't have the Mickey waffle iron, but does the Mickey ice cube tray count instead? And I do tell random people to “have a magical day” so I am guess that is probably sufficient to qualify for Disney Anonymous, don't you think? Thanks for the smile to start the week!

  13. 1

    Ramblings Of Casey

    Wow, I fit all but the one about being banned! I love it

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