10 Signs You May Have a Disney Addiction.

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10 Signs You May Have a Disney Addiction.

Behold:  The Mickey Croc, winterized version.  You might just own a pair.

Have you ever walked in on your friends speaking in hushed whispers only to have them suddenly become quiet when they notice you’re in the room?  Are you the subject of concerned glances?  Is it possible you may be a Disney Addict?

Here are a few signs:

10) During Thanksgiving dinner with your extended family you debated the merits of the 90 day vs. the 180 day Disney dining reservation policy . . . with yourself.

9) You were once banned for 30 days from a well-known Disney website for your participation in a heated debate that got ugly. The subject: Pool hopping.

8) You have been known to go to the local Disney store for a Disney fix.

7)  You know that a stroller swap has nothing to do with upgrading your beat-up Graco with that nice Bugaboo left parked and unattended in the stroller parking area outside of Mickey’s Philharmagic.

8)  When you say you’re going to France, people are actually shocked that you mean the actual country, not the pavilion.

5) You know what Mousefest was.

4) You have rationalized buying a Disney timeshare to your spouse as “an investment in our future vacations.”

3)  You have been known to wear Mickey Crocs. Without shame. And sometimes, with socks.

2) You see  hidden Mickey everywhere, even outside of Disney. Because they are everywhere!!

1) You can translate the following sentence: Is it possible to park at the CR when you have an ADR at CG and then attend MVMCP at the MK or do I have to park at the TTC and take the RM?

Yes to three or less–Your addiction is under control. Though you know more about Disney than the average person, it’s a good bet that Sunday breakfast at your house doesn’t included Mickey Waffles. Yet.

Yes to four to seven–You are entering borderline fanatic territory. You go to Disney so often that Disney will never give you a pin code for a reduced room rate because they know you’re coming back anyway. You own the highly coveted Mickey Waffle iron which you use to recreate the Chef Mickey’s experience at  home by inviting the unruly neighbor kids over for breakfast. Your children think it’s possible to walk from Canada to Morocco in a matter of minutes, stopping along the way for a pretzel in Germany.

Yes to more than seven–If loving Disney World is wrong, you don’t wanna be right–and you’re not. You recently bought DVC by cashing in your retirement account. At least one of your children is named Ariel. You know that “Mongello” is both a greeting and something you say when you can’t get a reservation at Le Cellier even though you called at 180-days out.

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10 Signs You May Have a Disney Addiction.

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13 thoughts on “10 Signs You May Have a Disney Addiction.

  1. I actually did cash in my retirement to purchase DVC. I have my entire family addicted also. My grandson 5 thinks Mickey’s house is our 2nd home. And it is! lol

  2. “You go to Disney so often that Disney will never give you a pin code for a reduced room rate because they know you’re coming back anyway.”


  3. we had the mickey walffler when i was a kid but my mom gave it to my aunt and now its living in her hord and not even geting used! i miss the mickey waffles

  4. Umm 7 out of 10 here…… I will say I don't have the Mickey waffle iron, but does the Mickey ice cube tray count instead? And I do tell random people to “have a magical day” so I am guess that is probably sufficient to qualify for Disney Anonymous, don't you think? Thanks for the smile to start the week!

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