Teen Beach Movie DVD Review!

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Teen Beach Movie Cover

Teen beach Movie recently premiered to 8.4 million people around the world.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the DVD (you can pick up yours tomorrow) and let me tell you the movie is full of color and music and sound! It’s really something I think every small child would just marvel at. One of the first scenes in the movie really stuck out to me and had to be my favorite. In it Mack is telling Brady about her mother and how her mother’s wish for her daughter was that she not walk through life but march triumphantly through it. That right there to me held a lot more emotion than most Disney Musicals we’ve seen in the past.

As we get into the movie I noticed something a little discerning. Throughout the entire movie I felt like the main character Brady never really developed much of a personality. I feel like he was chasing Mack throughout the movie. I felt for him but at the same time he never really became human to me he was just a character. As for Mack I really liked her. She was against the musical from the start and thought the singing and dancing was ridiculous which is rare for a Disney musical character. At certain times I felt like the actress Maia Mitchell’s real accent (which is Australian) was going to surface. It was kind of right there at times and I felt like as amazing as she did at the American accent at times it was easy to tell she wasn’t American. Now it was also her first time doing an American accent and if you look at her on ABC Family’s The Fosters he accent has improved greatly!

As for the 60’s characters I really felt they were from the time period. Especially Lela I felt like she really was a naïve girl who always tried to follow her brother’s rules. Tanner to me was really funny he was a sort of take on those perfect guys in movies who aren’t really the brightest but show they have more to them then just looks. The other smaller characters were great as well I really liked Giggles and Seacat and Che Che as well. Even though there parts were smaller they had huge personalities which made them unforgettable.

The music was good to me. My favorites were “Falling For Ya” and “Like Me” those were the two I felt like were the most 60’s themed and came across as so. I think at times certain parts of the other songs felt a little new age but overall I think the 60’s was captured well in the soundtrack and music. The dance numbers were all really well done my favorite being the big “Surf’s up” number at the end of the movie. The dance numbers were pretty easy to learn as well as I watched which is good for younger kids who want to mimic their favorite characters. The clothes were on point especially when we really got into the 60’s part of the movie. I loved that they stayed true to the 60’s and the theme of it and how different it is from today and how girls specifically are different today than in the 60’s.

The sub plot with the weather machine kind of had me scratching my head at first. I think after a while it started to make sense but at first it felt like a weird thing just being thrown in there and wasn’t really fitting to the movie. As we get to the end of the movie it finally made sense and I realized it was vital to the movies development.

There was a small amount of bonus features with this movie the dance rehearsals for all the numbers. They were really cute to watch I think especially because at certain times you could see where they then added different choreography into the final movie and how much they practiced and really put their all into the movie. My favorite part of the bonus features is in the rehearsals for the first number “Surf Crazy” where in the background you can see one of the stars of the movie Ross Lynch who plays Brady accidentally hit himself in the head with a beach ball! I think I laughed for a good 10 minutes at that one. It’s the small little things like that in the rehearsal footage I think kids will enjoy. Also we see a new dance number for “Coolest Cats in Town” which was not included in the movie. I have to say it saddens me a little because I think that was my favorite dance number I saw. I see where it could have been too much for the movie but I really loved it and am glad it was included somehow even if it’s just the rehearsals.

Also I’d like to say that I loved the little surfboard zipper pull that came with the movie! It reminds me of when I was younger and movies used to come with things like that and it’s a reminder of my younger years and so I found that to be really cute and it’s something little kids will love to keep!

Overall it was a pretty good movie. For a Disney Musical it was surprisingly not repetitive or something I wanted to turn off after watching it once. It had a great message and a great setting.
I give it a solid B-

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