Fight Disney Withdrawals – Take Home these Sweet Disney Autumn Treats

Disney Autumn Treats

Have you ever arrived home from a Disney vacation and truly just found yourself missing the sights, sounds and smells of the Disney Parks? One way to assist with Disney Parks withdrawals is to purchase some Sweet Disney Autumn Treats to enjoy at home.

Here is my tips for successfully achieving some level of acceptance that while the vacation is over, the Disney fun is not!


1.Set your Sweet Disney Treats on a Disney-themed plate.  Nothing says Disney in your own home more than Disney-themed items in the kitchen. You may want to have plates for each season to keep things festive. Don’t forget the Mickey Waffle Maker!


2. Add some pumpkin spice coffee, tea, hot apple cider, hot chocolate or beverage of your personal choice to your favorite Disney mug. In keeping with the theme consider having a mug to go along with the theme of the season; in this case Autumn.


3.  Pop your favorite Disney Vacation Planning DVD, or your favorite Disney movie, into your VHS/DVD player. If you are into theming, like I am, then you can choose a movie that reminds you of a particular season.  For myself, I enjoy Pocahontas and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Friendship Edition during the Autumn season.

4. Maybe you are thinking, “Number three is not for me,” because you prefer Disney music to Disney movies.  If that is the case, then place one of your Disney Soundtrack Records on the record player and let your worries subside.


5. Get your favorite pair of Disney comfy slippers.  Put them on your feet.  Now relax and enjoy!

Nothing spells success for Disney withdrawals more than enjoying sweet Disney Autumn Treats, with a fun beverage, while relaxing to Disney movies, or Disney music, and wearing your Disney slippers.  So the next time you visit Walt Disney World, be sure to stock up on some sweet treats representative of the season.  They are the key ingredient that you will need to create your own Recipe for Success.

What is your recipe for successfully overcoming Disney vacation withdrawals?

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