The Street Entertainment of Epcot’s World Showcase

When we tour the World Showcase at Epcot, we are so impressed by the beauty of the surroundings and the majesty of the buildings that we tend to think that’s what it is. There is so much more in the World Showcase that when you stop to consider the scope of the place it’s mind boggling. Today I’ll cover the current entertainment opportunities and tomorrow I’ll deal with what is beyond the facades of the various buildings.

There is some type of “street entertainment” or diversion at virtually every pavilion and it is really only in the last few visits to Walt Disney World that I have begun to appreciate them (I think that as we get older we appreciate these things even more). I’ll start at the Mexico Pavilion and go clockwise around the World Showcase. Please remember that there is so much and things are always changing so I may miss one or two:

  • Mexico PavilionMariachi Cobre, a wonderful group of Mariachi musicians who perform with all of the energy that those who are familiar with this music have come to expect.
  • China PavilionDon’t miss the young Chinese acrobats, they are absolutely spectacular!!
  • Germany PavilionOktoberfest Musikanten recreates Oktoberfest excitement several times each evening at the Biergarten dinner buffet. It’s worth the price of dinner for this very fun experience.
  • Germany PavilionThere are two opportunities here, Sergio is a very talented juggler who puts on a twenty minute show and the Ziti Sisters put on a comedy show and they manage to involve you/us the audience. Lots of fun!
  • American Adventure PavilionThere is truly good stuff happening here. The Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps (pictured above) puts on several inspiring shows each day and the Voices of Liberty, a wonderful a capella singing group entertains inside the building prior to the stage show.
  • Japan PavilionTalk about high energy, Matsuriza, a traditional Japanese Taiko Drummer group puts on amazing demonstrations of their talent while Miyuki, a “candy artist” with incredible abilities creates art out of candy and gives her creations to kids in the audience.
  • Morocco PavilionInside Restaurant Marrakesh, during lunch and dinner there is a traditional Moroccan music ensemble playing and during the show there is also a belly dancer (G-rated). Outside, a group called MoRockin brings a very contemporary flair to the traditional music.
  • France PavilionIn front of Les Chefs de France there is an performance that is a bit difficult to describe. It’s a little bit of juggling, a lot of balancing, and tons of fun. It’s called Serveur Amusant (comic waiter), don’t miss it. For you Ratatouille fans Remy makes appearances at lunch and very early in the dinner hour six days a week.
  • United Kingdom PavilionLots of opportunity here. The World Showcase Players perform and here again is your opportunity for fame, audience participation. The Hat Lady at the Rose and Crown pub will make you think you are in a pub in the UK, she’s a very exciting entertainer. Finally, The British Invasion revives a lot of the sixties British Rock that we Oldies really enjoy.
  • Canada PavilionOff Kilter is one of the favorites in the World Showcase. They play progressive Celtic music with an amazing flair. Yes – they do wear kilts!! This is one of the very best!!

See, I told you there was a lot of stuff in the World Showcase. We, as Oldies, are in a unique position to take our time and enjoy all of it as we tour the World Showcase. There is a website that maintains current days and times of performances and is updated each Friday or Saturday covering the following Sunday through Saturday. You can find Steve Soares website by clicking here. There is a lot of information there covering all of Walt Disney World. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!

  • Drink Around the World Showcase – Germany Pavilion (
  • Calling the Phones Booths in Epcot-Having Fun Around the World! (

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  1. The Ziti Sisters are in the Italy Pavilion, not Germany. At the Germany Pavilion, the band plays at lunch time also (I believe after 1:00 pm) in the Biergarten restaurant, not just dinner. The picture above is of the Mexico Pavilion, not the American Adventure’s Fife and Drum Corps as referenced. What can I say, I used to make my money as a proofreader.

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