Stray Cats spotted in Epcot

Cats in space! Ok, not really in space, but certainly at Walt Disney World. Some lucky Disney Park guests made a fun morning discovery this week at Epcot. Those entering the park caught site of Disney cats walking above Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay in Future World.

The Twitter user @TPUJosh caught the cats in action and filmed them. Seeing cats walk about is a surprise for these Mission: SPACE guests!

You can see guests reacting in surprise to the felines acting nonchalant while roaming on the rooftop.

Some of you wonder what the obsession is with Disney cats. It draws the same level of interest as ducks at Magic Kingdom or wall backgrounds such as the “Purple Wall.”

The cats actually serve a great purpose at Disney World since they help control the rodent population. They usually come out at night, but they make sporadic appearances during the day when they hide from guests.

The cats of Disney are phenomena on the West Coast, too. An estimated 200 cats are living between Disneyland and California Adventure, as well as around the resort hotels. They are well cared for too. There are five feeding stations around the parks that look like dog houses for the cats, just in case, they are still hungry after work!

Photo credit – @TPUJosh on Twitter

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