Star Wars announces the first gay character!


Star Wars Universe has welcomed the first gay character in the new upcoming novel  “Lords of the Sith“.   Moff Mors joins the force as a capable but flawed Imperial official who “also happens to be a lesbian.”  This is the first gay figure approved by Disney according to Shelly Shapiro who is the editor of “Star Wars” books at Random House.    Although the book series and some of the video games have had gay relationships, this is the first “official” gay “Star Wars” world character.

Star Wars is full of diversity and different species, so it should come as no surprise that they will incorporate the gay and minority characters into the story line.   Star Wars has not always been as diverse in the opinion of many.  The first film was criticized for the lack of minority roles. But critics are not happy with the need to add this type of diversity while supporters are saying it is about time.  Regardless of what side you stand on this is a big step for Disney and Star Wars to take.   Based on the controversy surrounding the addition of John Boyega as a stormtrooper in the upcoming film, adding a gay character can go either way, and result in a lose of fans or addition of new ones.

The storyline for “Lords of the Sith” coming out later this year is still vague but does not mention a gay character.  But in this Entertainment Writer’s opinion, the addition of a gay character should not be the reason to be or not to be a fan.  Instead we should look forward to the character for what she brings to the story line instead of how much controversy it will bring. is the place to visit for all your Star Wars and Disney information.

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