All Star Movies Fantasia Pool Receives New Seating

One of our favorite pastimes is to sit, or nap, by the pool during a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort.  Whether sitting, or napping is your thing, an important factor is to have the right chair.  The All Star Movies Fantasia Pool area received all new chairs over the weekend.

As we walked by the Fantasia Pool early Saturday morning, we noticed a flurry of activity poolside.  We observed as new chairs were brought in to replace the old ones.  Sun-Lovers rejoice!  While the chairs are not necessarily different in looks, they seem a bit lighter and easier to move.  So when the sun moves, and you need to turn your chair to follow the sun, these new chairs are a bit easier to maneuver and do not make that loud metal-to-concrete sound that startles birds, people and lizards alike!

Now if we could just convince the sun to make its appearance at the Walt Disney World Resort this weekend…..

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Lisette R
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