Please Stand Clear of the Doors – Disney Monorail Etiquette 101


Monorail Etiquette 101

I have heard countless stories of children saying that their favorite ride in all of Disney World is the monorail. While it is easy to laugh at this and push it off as childhood amusements, the monorail really is a unique and innovative feature of Disney.

There is something about coming around that big curve and seeing the Magic Kingdom from the monorail window for the first time. It still gives me butterflies.

I get it. The monorail is great. However, there are some people who can make the experience less than magical. Let’s take a ride through Monorail Etiquette 101

Please Stand Clear of the Doors: “Please stand clear of the door”, “Por favor, mantengase alejado de las puertas.” This phrase will no doubt be running through your head on a loop after a week at Disney. They even make shirts with the phrase. But some people still don’t get it! Move away from the doors people! The monorail can’t get moving until all limbs, strollers, children, and churros are out of the way.

Personal Space: I get it, we all want to get on the monorail and get to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot as soon as possible. However, please do not attack my ankle and shins with your stroller or allow your children to kick me while you are holding him. There is room for all of us, but maybe you don’t need to stand quite that close.

Smells and Odors: Let’s see, a confined space with no way to escape and no fresh air streaming in; what a great time to change my kids diaper! Please, please, please, save the diaper changing for the restroom. Along with this, do not smoke (it’s against the rules anyways), or eat some kid of bologna sandwich. It’s a short ride people, smelly situations can wait until the doors open.

PDA: Disney World is a magical place, and a sweet kiss of excitement is totally fine. If you find that those around you are shielding their children’s eyes to spare them from your make-out session, you probably want to restrain yourself and wait until you are back at your resort!

Pick up After Yourself: It’s just a candy wrapper right? One empty water bottle won’t make a difference, right? Thousands upon thousands of guests ride the monorail every day. If each family left behind one piece of trash, the monorail would be a very unpleasant experience indeed! Please make sure that you take with you whatever you brought with you.

Mind Your Manners and Watch Your Mouth: It is not okay to use vulgar language on the monorail. Please leave the f-bombs and other curse words at home. Also, remember that there are little ears everywhere. Don’t spoil the magic for a child by discussing things like “I met a better looking Cinderella last time I was here” or “the person that plays Mickey must get hot in that costume.” Remember that to a child, there is only one Cinderella and Mickey Mouse is absolutely real. Put yourself in the shoes of a 4 year old before speaking.

Do you love the monorail or try to avoid it? What is the craziest thing that you’ve experienced on the monorail? Let me know in the comments!

Monica is an Alumna of the Disney College Program. When she is not walking down the middle of Main Street USA you can find her wandering the World Showcase, or enjoying a Dole Whip while racing to her favorite attractions. When she is forced to endure life outside of Walt Disney World, you can find her in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she lives and works. You can visit her Disney lifestyle blog here.

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