Spiked POG Juice Is Real, And We Are Excited For It

If Kona Brewing Co. sounds familiar, that’s because you can find Kona Brews throughout Walt Disney World, especially the Polynesian Resort. Another thing we might recognize from the Polynesian, is POG Juice! These two well known Poly items have come together as one delicious Spiked POG Juice Hard Seltzer!

Spiked POG Juice

Spiked POG Juice

POG Juice, also known as Jungle Juice at other Disney Resort locations is a delicious blend of Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava. Okay, so maybe this drink isn’t as much juice as it is alcoholic seltzer, but that’s okay when we’re adults, right? This drink is the perfect balance of sweet and exotic island-flavor brought to life in a zero sugar, juicy hard seltzer.

This limited release drink is only available in select locations across Hawaii and the mainland. You can check out their Kona Locator here, to see if there are any near you!

Is Spiked POG Seltzer a drink you would like to try?

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