Spellbinding New Harry Potter Pandora Collection Has Landed

Harry Potter Pandora Collection

A spellbinding new Harry Potter Pandora collection has just flown in! This shimmery collection captures the magic of the iconic series with an assortment of charms inspired by the books and films. There are Six new charms to celebrate our love for the franchise with, just in time for Harry’s Birthday!

The original collection launched last year with twelve pieces, that included popular characters we know and love. These six new pieces bring us other characters and icons we have been wishing for!

Harry Potter Pandora Collection

The new charms include Hedwig, Deathly Hallows, Sorting Hat, an Openwork Logo, Hogwarts Acceptance Letters, and a Dangle charm featuring Harry’s glasses, Nimbus 3000, and the Lightning Bolt.

Harry Potter Pandora Collection

These new pieces accent the rest of the collection brilliantly! Plus, I have been wanting a Deathly Hallows charm for a while, so I’m very excited to see it finally materialize. Each piece is cast in sterling silver. Many of them also have colorful accents. Like gems on the Openwork logo charm, and colored enamel on Hedwig, and the Hogwarts Letters.


You can find the six new charms for the Harry Potter Pandora Collection at your local Pandora Store. As well as the Pandora website now!

Which new charm is your favorite?

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