Southwest Airlines Helps Girl Reunite With Her Lost Pooh

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart and for Addison it’s her little Pooh bear!

This past Sunday, February 16, Rebecca Kurtz tweeted to Southwest Airlines about her daughter’s missing friend on a flight from Kansas to Las Vegas hoping the airline will help her find it.

Luckily for Addison, just two days after that tweet, Southwest responded saying “This the guy you’re looking for?” and two pictures of Winnie the Pooh hanging with a Southwest pilot bear and ramper bear! It sure looks like Pooh had a great time at the Hundred Acre Airport while he was missing.

Pooh was found by Gareth Reynolds at the Las Vegas airport and is now reunited with Addison, happy to be back home after his fun adventure!

Credit: Fox 10 and Southwest Airlines

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Ana Leal