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    Rachelle Luttrell

    I absolutely love Soarin’ Over California! I’m so excited it’s coming back even if for only a short time. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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    My daughter talks about wanting to ride this and i’m the only family member besides her thats never been to CA. One day someday…

  3. 2

    Baillie Nitz

    I was lucky enough to see it. My dad loves California and we were lucky to be able to go when Soarin’ California was around. Unfortunately, my dad was unable to experience it as he had meningitis and didn’t know it (he had surgery…long story). He was too dizzy to ride, but he loved hearing all about it. Maybe he’ll be able to make it over there to experience it! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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    Renee Resnick

    If it’s anything like Soarin’ Around the World, that’s such a cool ride! I love being able to see the world without having to sit on a plane for hours & hours! lol. I’ve never been on Soarin’ Around California–I wonder where they ‘take you’ & what you’d see. Perhaps the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood sign, & Disneyland? 🙂 If anyone has ever been on it, did you like it? Was it as fun as Soarin’ Around the World? #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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