Sneak Peek at Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Opening this February at Walt Disney World is the all new game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

In this role-playing game, guests become Merlin’s apprentice sorcerers and embark on a quest to stop more than 20 Disney villains – including Hades and Cruella De Vil – from stealing one of the four shattered pieces of Merlin’s crystal ball. Armed with spells in the form of special cards, guests search for the magic symbols that lead them to villains’ hiding places in Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Main Street, U.S.A. Once there, apprentices use magic keys to reveal a villain’s hideout and use spell cards to stop them in their tracks.

According to the game’s developers, the cards really are the secret weapons of the game. There will be 70 different spell cards available and guests will receive five complimentary cards when they play. Each card features a different Disney character that offers a spell unique to him or her. Guests can use more than one card simultaneously, casting multiple spells at a villain at one time.

Some of the cards you may encounter include:

  • Lumière’s Candle Blast – This card shows Belle’s favorite candlestick spurred on by his loyal ally, Cogsworth.
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – This card shows Mr. Toad’s car careening through the underbrush.
  • Prince Naveen’s Army of Frogs – This card shows Tiana’s prince enchanting his amphibian army to action.
  • Rafiki’s Wisdom Stick – This card shows Simba’s counselor ready to imbue some knowledge on the enemy’s forehead.
  • The Woozles’ Woozle Nightmare – This card shows a Woozle dreaming of his most delightful vision: A gang of other Woozles ready to bang some noggins.

We do have some additional details for guests who want to collect or trade these cards. The 70 cards are divided into nine different spell classes, such as Princess cards, Hero cards or Warrior cards. In addition, all cards are marked with one of three designations – a star symbol, which indicates a rare card; a moon symbol, which signifies an uncommon card; and a planet symbol, which indicates a common card.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom will debut in late February and is included in the cost of theme park admission.

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  • Sorcerers Invade the Magic Kingdom in Early 2012 (

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