Small but Yummy Treats with the Mini Mickey Waffle Maker

I think I speak for many of us Disney Addicts when I say, we LOVE Mickey waffles! Many of us have searched for a Mickey Waffle Maker that will give us the perfect shape! Not only the shape though, but also a crisp waffle that is closer to the size of the park ones. I think this Mini Mickey Waffle Maker, may have just answered our wishes.

Of course most of us use the Carbon’s Golden Malted Mix to get that impeccable flavor, but it’s hard to find a Mickey shaped waffle maker that also gives the same texture we’re looking for too. The Mini Mickey Waffle Maker makes adorably sized waffles that are just a bit smaller than the ones we find at the parks. These come out a little crispier on the outside than a lot of the other Mickey waffle makers too! The only downside is only being able to make one at a time, because I’ve finished eating the first one before the next one is done, hahaha! At only $14.99 it’s a heck of a deal too. I bet there are all kinds of yummy creations we could make with it. Mickey shapes cinnamon rolls, french toast biscuits, eggs, the options are endless!

Would you make a scrumptious Disney breakfast with the Mini Mickey Waffle Maker?

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