A New Sidekick for Duffy the Disney Bear in Japan

Duffy and Gelatoni.
Duffy and Gelatoni.

Last week Duffy Bear got a brand new friend at Tokyo Disney Sea, Gelotoni who is an Artistic Cat.

Oriental Land Co unveiled the artsy kitty this week at Tokyo Disney Sea, and already has a line of merchandise releasing on July 4th. Some of the merchandise featuring Gelatoni will be soft toys, mugs, and tote bags. Also available inside the park will be gelato sundaes adorned with themed candies and nestled in cups featuring the new Disney feline.

Gelatoni has even been given a back story to go along with Duffy’s tale. Duffy who was given to Mickey from Minnie to keep him company voyaging the sea. Gelatoni met Duffy for the first time when the teddy bear dropped his gelato on the ground. The artistic feline used the spilled frozen treat to paint a picture with his tail and cheer up his new acquaintance.

So far Gelatoni is not performing in any shows, or hosting meet and greets and is a Japan only character.

Would you like Gelatoni to make an appearance at other Disney parks? I know I would!

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