Should Disney Parks Tighten Security?

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Should Disney Parks Tighten Security?

We are all too familiar with the bag checks when walking into the Disney Parks. I almost always carry a book bag  filled with camera, camcorder, water, snacks, schedule, maps, cell phone charger, etc. I have gotten used to opening up all the pockets and waiting my turn for inspection.

With the TSA doing patdowns, metal detectors, and back scatter X-Rays to just about every other form of personal space violation imaginable, it got me thinking…

Should the Disney Parks invest in a higher level of security when you enter the parks??

Chris was just down at Walt Disney World and she said that nothing further is being done for security. It is still just the simple bag check. She also pointed out something obvious I overlooked. If some really wanted to sneak a weapon in, couldn’t they put in in some place other than their bag? Hello McFly?

What about metal detectors? Is that a simple deterrent to add? I know that would of course extend the time it takes to get in the parks, but should that be the first level added to Disney security?

I am pretty sure you can’t even sneeze in the parks without it being seen by atleast 3 camera, and I love how they are not in plain site. So I could be totally oblivious to how Disney handles security. If I am tell me.

I know in this day and age this is a controversial subject and kudos for Disney preventing any sort of incident. I can’t think of any news story crossing my desk where Disney has any sort of person on person violence.

No matter where you look or listen this is something big you can’t help but hear people comment about.

Now is your chance to speak up. I have a poll running below where you can have your voice heard. Should we just leave things the way they are? Should we heighten security? Do you think Disney is already doing things that are not visible to the average person? We want to know.

Feel free to comment as well and let us know what you think.

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Should Disney Parks Tighten Security?


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5 thoughts on “Should Disney Parks Tighten Security?

  1. I didn’t vote because I don’t agree with any of the options. I personally feel there should be no security at all. If you were to look up Security Theater in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Disney’s bag check line.

    Bag checks are just an implementation to give guests the FEELING of security that the company is doing something for their safety. Since that security checkpoint is so easily circumvented (for example, gun tucked in waistband all gangland style and walking through the no bag entry) it’s not really worth the effort.

    I don’t feel any safer with it in place. Sadly I remember the days before bag check and it was so much nicer.

    When we traveled to China, they had security at important landmarks like the Forbidden City in Beijing. But they didn’t open the bags and inspect, you just walked up and dropped it on a conveyor belt and it went through x-ray and you collected it on the other end. Granted, police were running the operation

    So, forget metal detectors and bag checks. If they want to give a better semblance of security we need many, many x-ray machines

    But I do agree with George. Logistically speaking, if bag checks were performed BEFORE you got on whatever Disney Transportation took you to the park then you’d cut down on the lines at the park. The only people who would have to go through the park bag check were those who drove themselves and that would not be an impact to MK since all guests can only get there by Disney transportation

  2. I’m quite certain that Disney’s real security is much better, and less obtrusive. If someone was really serious about doing some harm, the bag check would not stop them. A suicide bomber could blow himself up on a bus or a crowded monorail station. Heck, with the large bottleneck that the bag checks create, a suicide bomber could easily blow himself up in the bag check line and kill as many people as he would have if he was inside the park. People could hide weapons or drugs on their person instead of in a bag. The bag check is only there to make stupid people feel safe. It’s a pre-show, of sorts. Disney security did a good job of keeping the parks safe before 9/11, and they’ve continued to do so. The bag checks are an unnecessary bottleneck.

  3. I have always thought that it would be “better” to have a security check at your resort before you got on the monorail or the bus, etc. And you went through a separate and quicker line at the Parks. The day visitors could still get checked at the gate. It would be a perk for resort guests, anyway.

  4. The whole bag check policy really does nothing to protect people. Most people who carry weapons will use an ankle or shoulder holster (at least those who do so safely), so it wouldn’t be visible unless you’re dressed for warmer weather. Who would carry a loaded handgun in a bag where you could accidently grab it? The only thing that would truly prevent weapons being brought into the parks would be metal detectors, but no one wants that. Mostly all you can do is hope that someone doesn’t bring something in they shouldn’t. Last time I was there security went through a cooler full of ice and drinks. It took forever. They’re just doing their job (and on a cold day, that had to be extra unpleasant) but if that guy had wanted to bring in contraband, there were much easier ways to do it.

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