Shanghai Disney Resort Opens Disney Fun House at Wenzhou Women and Children’s Hospital

Shanghai Disney Resort opened its newest Disney Fun House in Wenzhou Women and Children’s Hospital bringing Disney magic and happiness to children patients and their families. This Fun House is the first Disney-themed play-room in China’s Zhejiang province and is part of the resort’s commitment to caring for those in most need as well as bringing about impactful change in local communities.

A special celebration ceremony was held at the new Disney Fun House to commemorate the occasion. The event was attended by leadership from Wenzhou Women and Children’s Hospital and Shanghai Disney Resort. Mickey Mouse also attended this special event and afterwards gave his best wishes to all the children undergoing treatment, creating cherished Disney memories for them and their families.

Disney VoluntEARS also created unforgettable moments for the children at the hospital as together they enjoyed engaging in activities and games in the new Disney Fun House. As part of Shanghai Disney Resort’s dedication to helping those in need as well as making a positive difference to those in the local communities, Disney VoluntEARS pledge to make regular visits to the hospital to spend time with the children and support them to overcome challenges in their lives.

Over the next few years, additional Fun Houses will open in the Zhejiang province. The Disney Fun House program originated in 2016 when the Walt Disney Company donated $3.1 million USD (RMB 20 million) to commemorate the grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort. Ever since then, the Disney-themed playrooms have opened in children’s hospitals in 10 Chinese cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Changsha and Kunming, among others. The donation will provide more than 50 hospitals in China with Disney-themed play areas over the course of the five-year Disney Fun House program.

Disney’s support of children’s hospitals can be dated back to the 1930s when Walt Disney himself would visit children in hospitals, often accompanied by Disney characters and animators. Today that support continues, including annual grants and donations to fund play spaces, theme park and first-run movie tickets, care packages, in-kind support, and hospital visits from beloved Disney characters.

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Tessa H