How to Save money on Disney World park tickets


Today’s Disney World Quick Tip goes out to all those money savers. That would be about 99% of the people who are visiting our website. I wanted to share with you a way to get discounted Disney World Parks Tickets. In the past I have used 2 big name companies for tickets. Maple Leaf Tickets and Undercover Tourists. Both Companies are great but today’s quick tip just focuses on Undercover Tourists.

I have been a follower of Mousesavers for years. Each month they deliver great deals for all things Disney. In the newsletter there is usually a link to Undercover Tourists with an additional discount below their advertised price. Don’t ask me how they do it but I am grateful that they do. Oh and while I would love to share this link with you right now unfortunately I am not able to.

So click the link here and subscribe to the newsletter, and come next month when the email hits your inbox just click the link and get your discounted tickets! It’s just that easy!

If you have used this discount let us know in the comment box below!

Please note: the prices available through the link in the newsletter are not available to the general public and are not accessible through Undercover Tourist’s public web site. When you’ve used the private link, you will see a “welcome MouseSavers” message that is not displayed on the public version of the page. Once you have visited the private link, the discounted version may continue to display even if you go to Undercover Tourist’s public site, depending on your browser and cookie settings. To make sure you are getting the discount, use the MouseSavers Newsletter private link each time you visit Undercover Tourists.

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7 thoughts on “How to Save money on Disney World park tickets

  1. I am an annual pass holder, but for my family who is not, we ALWAYS get our tickets this way! Two of us work for an airline and we STILL can’t get a better deal!!! The fact that we always get good service in addition to a good price certainly doesn’t hurt! I recommend their newsletter deal to everyone!!

  2. Great service from UT. We have used there services many times without a problem. No issues mailing passes to Canada. Great business to deal with.

  3. We have used UT as well through the mousesavers link! It saved us a lot and they are great to deal with. I recommend them all the time!

  4. The past five times we have find to Disney we have used the link to UT from mousesavers and it had saved us a good amount of money. I have also found that they ship very quickly. They are a great place to purchase tickets.

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