Satisfy Your Pizza Craving With The Real Deal at Via Napoli

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One of the best things about Walt Disney World is the huge variety of things to do and see, and EAT! They have a TON of amazing restaurants to choose from, and they have pretty much any and every kind of delicious cuisine available. I personally love to try new restaurants while on vacation, and since my family and I are all huge fans of Italian food, we figured that making an ADR for Via Napoli in Epcot was a must! Read on to see what we thought…

Via outside

When we arrived for lunch, there was a BIG LINE waiting to get into the restaurant, but luckily since we had already made an ADR, we were able to bypass the line of folks hoping to get a table without a reservation, and head right inside!


It’s a BIG restaurant – nice high ceilings in a big open space, plenty of tables, and you can check out the kitchen area (and the brick ovens used to cook the pizzas, which I must admit was the real reason I was there – to get some PIZZA!). With it being such a large, open area, the noise level was definitely high, but not so high that you couldn’t hear your table mates, it was a happy kind of noise, as kids and adults alike enjoyed their pizzas, pastas, and other goodies

Once we were seated (right on time, I might add!) we got down to the important business of perusing the menu. There were plenty of mouth-watering meals to choose from – lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken/eggplant/veal parmesan, and of course the PIZZAS! You had the option to build your own, or select from choices like pepperoni, prosciutto y melone (prosciutto and melon!), mushroom, and more!

Via Arancini

But first things first – when I see arancini on the menu, I can’t say no – I mean, it’s a ball of risotto filled with meat and cheese, and then fried – what’s not to love? These were great ones too as far as arancini go, served nice and hot with a melty cheese center – yum!


Soon it was time for the main attraction – the thing I had made the ADR here for in the first place – the pizzas – prepared in the wood-fired pizza ovens, these came out just as I expected – thin crisp crust that is almost burned in places, but still has a great flavor to it. I had the margarita style pizza, which was great – fresh mozzarella, and the basil was perfect. My whole family really enjoyed their pizzas, they all were served up nice and hot and with delicious fresh ingredients, you really can’t go wrong!

I would have to say the only bad thing about our trip to Via Napoli was our waitress – the service she gave us was just horrible, and I won’t go into details, but it definitely seemed like a one off scenario, as the management was very quick to respond to our complaints, and they were very kind and apologetic. I don’t think this is indicative of the the service as a whole here, I think we just got a bad server, which can really happen to anyone!

Overall, even though our service was spotty at best, I would still recommend Via Napoli to those who are looking for a delicious Disney meal – the Italian atmosphere was great, and the pizzas alone were worth the trip!

I would give anything for some more of that pizza with a side of arancini right now…But I would love to hear YOUR thoughts – Have you been to Via Napoli – what did you think? Was it worth it?

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  1. Been there twice and have had an excellent time! Our waiters were AMAZING and fawned all over my daughter! The pizzas are great, but the desserts are even better!

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