Russo Brothers confirm a Gay character will be in a upcoming Marvel Movie

Joe and Anthony Russo reveal on a Sirius XM radio program for Entertainment Weekly that a character will be revealed as gay in an upcoming Marvel film, and they suggested it’s a person fans already know about.

The topic was brought up when the hosts asked Joe Russo about the part he played in Avengers: Endgame as the grieving man in Captain America’s therapy session that was starting over after the loss of his loved ones. Joe’s character talked about his dinner date with another man and how both were still mourning 5 years after the big snap.

See the interview here:

Last summer Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said two openly gay characters would be revealed: “Both ones you’ve seen and ones you haven’t seen.”

So that makes us wonder who the other openly gay character will be.

If I had to guess I would put my money on Captain Marvel. Let us know who you think it will be in the comment box below.



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3 thoughts on “Russo Brothers confirm a Gay character will be in a upcoming Marvel Movie

  1. I really think & hope it’s Captain Marvel, too! Carol & Maria have a developed a strong best friend bond, but maybe there’s more to the relationship than just friendship? I’m really intrigued to find out! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  2. I’m LOVING the diversity. Marvel is good at making everyone feel included. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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