Running out of time to Run!

Marathon Weekend Medals

It’s now less than a month away from the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend 2012, and unlike the inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland, the Walt Disney World weekend still has a few available spots!  If you’re a runner or are considering becoming a runner, Walt Disney World is a great place to start racing.  The races are casual and you only have to keep up a 16 minute per mile pace, allowing a lot of walking if needed!

If you’re just starting running or thinking about running, make sure to check out my previous article, Starting from Scratch about how to even consider training for a race of any distance, whether 5k (3.1 miles) or going all the way to a full marathon (26.2).  It may sound scary and intimidating, but running can be a very healthy and enjoyable activity for almost anyone!  These races are also handicap friendly – offering an early start for those racing in the hand controlled wheelchairs.

As for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2012, the races are almost filled, but still have a few spots.  Here are the current openings:

  • Walt Disney World Marathon – 96% Full
  • Walt Disney World Marathon Relay – 94% Full
  • Walt Disney World Half Marathon – 99% Full
  • Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge – 97% Full
  • Disney Family Fiesta 5k featuring the Three Caballeros – 96% Full
  • Disney Kids’ Races – 95% Full

The Mickey Mile and all Kids Dashes on Friday, January 6th are sold out.  Registration is still open for all dashes on Saturday, January 7th.

Following just a month later is the Princess Half Marathon Weekend – training options and spots are still available!  If you’re interested in the Princess races, make sure to check out Chip and Co’s training team in conjunction with the Disney Divas.  They offer support, training tips, and often giveaways to help keep us all motivated during training!

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