runDisney – New Race Clues

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Over the past several weeks, runDisney has been leaving clues on their facebook page about an upcoming new race, to be announced tomorrow, April 19th.  These clues have left many stumped, myself included, about what this new race may be.

Those over at Stitch Kingdom, though, seemed to have figured it out.  They have announced that runDisney will announce a new half marathon, to be hosted at the Disneyland Resort.  Calling this new race the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, this new race is expected to be Disneyland Resort’s counterpart to the WDW Princess Half Marathon, focusing on women.

There is also talks of their being a new version of the Coast to Coast challenge, possibly linking the Princess half with the Tinkerbell half marathons.

For official confirmation and more details, make sure to check back in to Chip and Co. tomorrow after the 10 a.m. EDT, as we will try to release the details as quickly as possible!

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