RunDisney – Beyond the Runner’s High

Completing your first race, whether you are running a 5k or the Goofy Challenge (yes, it does happen), is a huge accomplishment.  Many runners will finish a race and feel a huge sense of accomplishment and what is known as a “runner’s high. ”  Endorphins that are triggered by such strenuous exercise can make even a painful run seem exciting and leave you anxious to register for your next race.

But, for many of us, those big runDisney races are far, and few between.  While registration for Walt Disney World’s Marathon Weekend opens only 2 months after that first race, those 2 months can seem like ages.  Then, even if you register early, you have 10 more months until the race.  How do you stay motivated to run and train with the big races a year apart?

For me, the runner’s high from the Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2011 lasted nearly 2 weeks.  Walking through the parks for several days following the race wearing my running gear and medal, I was constantly reminded that I had just accomplished a huge fete.  Once back home, coworkers, family, and friends asked me about the races, so I was able to share my stories again.  But, once that energy calmed, I had to find a way to keep myself motivated and continue running, knowing that my next runDisney race sadly would not be the WDW Wine and Dine Half or the Disneyland Half, but the 2012 WDW Half Marathon.

That’s where came in handy.  My husband and I returned home and immediately started searching for local races to keep us in the running groove.  We found a 10k, that we just completed last weekend, and have our eyes on more local races, including a half marathon that I am registered for in June.  Now, in early spring, there are 5-10ks on a regular basis, and even a few half marathons that we’re looking into and registering for to keep us motivated and in shape.

Local running stores are also great resources for races or even running teams, for regularly scheduled group runs.

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