Disney Find- Gorgeous Rose Gold Twin Mickey Necklace

Rose Gold Twin Mickey Necklace

I’ve been on a serious rose gold kick lately, I’ve been drooling over watches, earrings and bangles all with that beautiful pink hue. I do so love a nice Mickey Necklace too, and I realized I didn’t have any Disney Rose gold so I set off to fix that. I found this gorgeous Rose Gold Twin Mickey Necklace on Amazon, and fell in love.

Rose Gold Twin Mickey Necklace 2

Mickey’s iconic likeness is formed in shimmering rose gold on this gorgeous necklace. What I love about this necklace is it has a smooth texture and a bejeweled texture that plays off one another. The opposing textures gives it a glitzy look while still maintaining an elegant simplicity that I really love in pendants. Rose Gold is also a very popular look for the autumn months. It’s also a relatively inexpensive piece at only $16.99, so when my jewelry whims change (which we know they will) after a short time, it’ll have gotten it’s worth. If you aren’t feeling the rose gold trend, it’s also offered in a shimmery silver that’s just as stunning.

This piece can also have an alternate meaning as well, to me it symbolizes my son and I, mommy’s little Mickey Mouse always close by. No matter what it’s meaning is to you, as a mom necklace, or just a statement of your Disney love, it’s sure to be a great keepsake.


Of course we know I’m loving the rose gold, but which one would you wear the rose or the white? There is always the option of both for different occasions.

Rose Gold Twin Mickey Necklace 3

I would totally wear this as an everyday piece, but with a cute dress and heels it could totally work for a more formal look as well. Now I’m going to have to find the perfect rose gold earrings to match! Should I go with studs or dangles? Let me know in the comments which style you think would go best with this Twin Mickey Necklace!

As always stay magical, and happy shopping!


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