Rope Drop: Love it or Leave it?

There are two groups of Disney World guests; those who hit the ground running from park opening to park close and those who wake up when they want to and leave the parks when they are ready. I want to use every minute of my vacation but, I also like sleep. I think I sit on the fence of the two groups. I will say that using Extra Magic Hours and waking up early have their advantages. First, you are squeezing out every minute of your stay! Second, because you are in the most magical place EVER. If you have been in the “sleep in” group then you might have missed out on something truly magical…rope drop ceremonies. While every park (but Epcot) has a rope drop, my favorite is at the Magic Kingdom.

The rope drop at the Magic Kingdom is a beginning of the magic for each day. Guests gather 15-20 minutes before the park opens to be greeted by the Citizens of Main Street USA. The Mayor ushers in singing and dancing citizens and eventually a train load of characters, including the mouse himself! A lucky family rides in on the train and opens the parks for the day with magical pixie dust and all!

So, now that you know what this rope drop is all about, let’s take a look at some pros and cons as you weigh your choice to love it or leave it!

pro: Early birds get the worm! This is true! If you are early, you not only take full advantage of the parks for the day but, you also get other benefits. One of the best benefits is lure of the characters who make their way directly from the train into the parks. Lines form quickly but, if you make a run for it, you can manage to meet and greet lots of characters quickly!

Con:There are a lot of people who either made it out early for the rope drop or because they belong to that first, “sun up, sun down” group. Either way, you might find a morning rush of guests and a bit of a crowd.

pro:After the crowds disperse, you pretty much have the park for the taking. I don’t waste my time at the standard “short wait” stand-by lines. Instead, I head for the big ticket rides like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.

Con:It is stinkin’ early. Maybe too early. Coffee helps here

pro: It is a great way to get you in a magical mood. I love the cheery songs and dancing that the Magic Kingdom rope drop provide. On mornings like those, I can learn to be a morning person.

Cons:Those songs have an uncanny ability to get stuck in your head. Like all day. Again, coffee is strongly suggested.

Maybe this swayed your choice. Maybe you’ll give the Magic Kingdom rope drop a try next time you are in the parks! Don’t hit the snooze on this daily celebration!

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4 thoughts on “Rope Drop: Love it or Leave it?

  1. Been there 5 times and have never seen rope drop. We don’t sleep in and get an early start, but we always have to wait for the bus and never seem to get in line early enough :o) Guess we’ll try again the next time we go. I would love to be their for rope drop.

  2. @JessKern I am going to work on that answer for you. I’ve heard through the grapevines a few theories about military families, Make a Wish, and being in the right place at the right time. I will do a bit of investigating!

  3. I love Rope Drop! But I’ve always wondered–how can you get picked to be the family up there with the characters?

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