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If you haven’t already noticed, Disney Imagineers are kind of obsessed with mountains. Many of Walt Disney World’s most popular and thrilling attractions are based around (or in) mountains. Magic Kingdom has three mountains alone! But hey, I’m not complaining! Tackling the Disney mountain range is a priority during my Disney vacations, and for the other thrill junkies out there, I’m sure you feel the same. Therefore, I have decided to list the Top 3 Disney World Mountains!

3. Space Mountain-Disney World’s original mountain, Space Mountain is futuristic and impressive, and it has been offering timeless excitement for generations. This mountain hides the first indoor roller coaster and holds plenty of dips, drops, turns, and fun. Here you enter a space port and  board a rocket to blast through the darkness of space at the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland!  Because of its popularity, and the fact that it had been thrilling guests for generations, Space Mountain deserves the #3 Disney mountain slot!

2. Splash Mountain-Splash Mountainis one of Magic Kingdom’s most popular attractions and is big hit with young and old alike! As Disney fans know, everything has a story and Splash Mountain is one of the best examples of Disney’s use of storytelling. On this attraction, you experience Brer Rabbit’s adventures right along with him as your log takes you in and out of Chickapin Hill. In addition to a few small dips, Splash Mountain’s iconic, climatic,  5 story drop is just the right amount of thrill to satisfy both thrill seekers and kids. Without a doubt, Splash Mountain is the #2 Disney mountain.

1. Expedition Everest-Disney’s newest mountain, Expedition Everest dominates the skyline of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This attraction takes you into foothills of the Himalayas where you embark on an expedition by train into the mountains, including the Forbidden Mountain where the mythical Yeti dwells. This coaster takes you forwards and backwards through the mountain at a smooth but rapid pace! Also, the mountain itself and its queue area is incredibly detailed and truly offers an immersive experience. This is why Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest is the #1 Disney mountain! If you’re an Everest fan, check out an awesome challenge that takes place at Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom here!

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  1. We’re planning our 4th trip to WDW and I STILL haven’t gotten to ride on even ONE roller coaster! I’m so psyched that my youngest should be tall enough for most of the rides this time.

  2. Yeah! I finally found the height requirement for BTMR. Very excited that our 4 year old will meet the height requirement. Since Goofy’s Barnstormer is closed, he is going to be bummed, but being able to ride BTMR will be a great new surprise for him!

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