Review: Disney’s The Lion King

Review: Disney’s The Lion King


Disney’s The Lion King will debut in theaters on July 19 and is already creating roars of applause!

Jon Favreau’s brilliant take on the 1994 classic is something old fans can appreciate and new fans can fall in love with. Favreau focused on what the story of The Lion King has meant to him and other fans just like himself. Combining innovative technology of CGI design and VR components, the creators perfected every scene in the film. This gives fans the surreal experience of feeling as if you are in Africa.

One of Disney’s beloved masterpieces has become a masterpiece, yet once again. Composer, Hans Zimmer, with the help of Pharrell Williams and Lebo M, produced and perfected the music for the film. Hearing the voice of Lebo M as the sun rises over the savanna, brings such an authentic and magical touch to The Lion King. As the music swells and falls, you can feel each character’s arc and journey.

This cast of actors, musicians, and comedians are from all walks of life and are incredible performers. Their performances invoke such passion. You can hear the commitment and dedication that every actor and actress gave their character.

If there is anything that Disney does best, it’s tell an amazing story. They do this through the help of storytellers. All of the storytellers that were a part of this project, told the heart of this of this story through their own hearts and souls. Watching this film, moviegoers will feel the coming together that is portrayed in the Circle of Life opening scene.

Review: Disney’s The Lion King


Bring your family, friends, and the whole pride together to watch The Lion King!

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