Are you ready for some crazy, wacky FUN with Disney’s Floors?


The library lady in me does cartwheels when Disney takes a fantastic book and turns it into a movie, and word on the street is Disney will soon be turning Patrick Carmen’s (of 39 Clues and Guys Read fame) book Floors into a feature film.

The book Floors is about a kid named Leo Fillmore whose dad is the maintenance man at the Whippet Hotel.  Leo thinks he know every nook and cranny of that place.  Leo, and his buddy, Remi, find themselves engulfed in a mystery to save their hotel-home that leads them from floor to floor and through a series of cryptic boxes that are left just for him.  Leo finds himself solving some amazing puzzles, making friends with the strangest of people, and discovering places he never knew existed! The hotel is full of unbelievable places like a flying farm room, pinball room, caves, ponds, a duck infestation, and an entire floor that’s haunted.  Add all that together and you have a great recipe for an exciting and fantastic family-oriented adventure.

But, Leo is not the only one who has emotional ties to this strange hotel.  Enter Merganzer D. Whippet, owner and creator of the very strange Whippet Hotel.  Merganzer’s father dies when he’s 15, and his last words to his son were, “You will prosper in the field of wacky inventions….” words that Merganzer, who was never close to his father, takes to heart.  His amazing imagination, along with his late father’s extensive wealth, have made it possible for him to make this unbelievable place a reality.  Merganzer disappears suddenly, and it’s up to Leo and Remi to sort everything out and find out who is out to sabotage the hotel.  

Eccentric guy.  Crazy, fantastical ideas come to life.  Sound just a bit familiar?  I think so too!  Looks like that rascal Willy Wonka may get a run for his money…. says, “In the vein of Night At The Museum and Willy Wonka, (the movie) tells the story of an emotionally stunted son who inherits the coolest and craziest hotel in the world from his estranged and eccentric father. He must go on a fun-filled adventure inside the hotel to stop it from self-destructing.” Sounds fun to me!

Seeing as how the title Floors is not likely to strike excitement in the hearts of most movie goers, look for Disney to rework the title into something more fitting for this quirky, adventurous journey.

Although Patrick Carmen is the author, the screenplay will be adapted by Jason Filardi  (17 Again, Bringing Down the House).  Carman is said to be staying on board as a producer.

If you enjoyed the wackiness of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you will most certainly enjoy this.

There are currently three books in the Floors series which leave a big opening for Disney to develop and continue an ongoing live action movie franchise. Sounds like it might would make a pretty cool theme park ride too…Hey Disney…hint, hint!

Have you read the book?  Do you plan to read it before the movie comes out?  Tell me what you think. has a free sample you can download to the Kindle or the Kindle App.

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