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When people find out I run a Disney website I get a number of questions pertaining to planning a Disney Vacation. Some of which are.. Where do I go to get the best Disney Deal? Along with a follow up are there any Disney specials right now? What about going through a travel agent?

In the upcoming paragraphs I will answer those questions along with offering up some insights and tricks I have learned over the past years of visiting the parks over 50 times. I am all about easy, while I am sure there are some things you can do to get a few bucks off here and there if it seems like its gonna be a lot of work it’s not really gonna be worth my time.

Now to preface there are hundreds of website, books, and news articles offering up ways to save money at Disney. While you might be tempted to buy in to this offers let me save you the time, money and effort. Don’t.. Disney doesn’t have some magical discount system out there where you can buy tickets at a fraction of the price. What Disney does is offer up is specials they run throughout the year along with packages that the longer you book the higher the discount is.

Now there are some ticket brokers out there that do sell discounted tickets and some are quite reputable if you look in the sidebar I have a few I have used in the past. My biggest suggestion would be subscribe to MouseSavers newsletter. It goes out once a month and they do a good job at finding the Disney Deals. I have been a subscriber for quite a long time and even if I am not planning a Disney vacation I read it over and check out the deals. Please whatever you do don’t buy your tickets off of Craigslist or Ebay more often than not you will get burned.

Another thing people ask about is AAA. Can we get any type of discount there? Having used them in the past, AAA can get you a small discount but one thing you have to figure in is the $75 or so fee it costs for joining. AAA does have a great Travel Agent team and work hard to assist you with your planning needs but in the past we didn’t feel it was worth the $75 yearly membership for like a hundred or so dollar savings.

Like stated earlier Disney doesn’t offer discounts for their parks other than the specials they run at certain times of the year. For example they are running 2 big specials right now. Check them out here.

Which leads me to my final question Travel Agents. Can travel agents offer any kinda deal? Well they can get you the Disney Special that is running along with sometimes being able to offer a small discount. The biggest plus for us is the extra’s that you get for booking with a Travel Agent. First off you get their expertise, Authorized Disney Vacation Planners know their stuff. On our last trip to DisneyWorld we went through Small World Vacations, they were great and shout out to Dawn she really knew her stuff. Secondly they take care of everything for you. All you have to do is decide on where you want to go and they do the rest. Finally it doesn’t cost you a thing to book with a travel agent. So if you think your going to have to pay out of pocket or that your trip will be more expensive that if you booked it yourself you are wrong. So who wouldn’t want to go that route?

I wish I had some special secret Disney website that has all kinds of discounts..We go every year and I would so love some kinda of discount. I suggest checking the Disney website once a week for offers,  or if your here I try to post any Disney Deals and Specials as often as I find them. Sign up for MouseSavers, or even call an Authorized Disney Vacation Planners like Small World Vacations and find out if they can notify you if anything comes available. If it seems to good to be true most times it is.

I hope this helps you on your next Disney vacation.

What Disney Deals have you discovered in the past? Let us know in the comment section below.

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