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    Laura Ashley

    We need Frozen 3 or better yet, a TV series, because there are so many plotholes and things in Frozen II that need explaining. The main thing that needs to be done is to have Elsa move back into to Arendelle, because making her move into the woods with people she just met is so extreme and out of character for her. No reason she couldn’t live in Arendelle and visit the Enchanted Forest, instead of the other way around. Disney changed her too drastically and unrealistically, they made her too god-like, so I hope the next installment is about her balancing her powers with humanity and family life.

    They also need to redeem Hans. His voice actor, Santino Fontana, was told years ago that they wanted to redeem him, but instead, all they do is childishly bash him in the film- as if we need reminders he was a villain. For six years, they hinted at a redemption arcb and released a book, called c”A Frozen Heart,” that while it may not be considered canon, it still goes into his backstory. His family abused and manipulated him horribly. It’s not an excuse for his actions, but they were more about getting away from his family than having power. He did the wrong thing, but there’s enough in his backstory that suggests he’s not so far gone that he can’t learn the errors of his ways and be a better person. It’d be a great message for kids about owning your actions and bettering yourself.

    I really hope we get more Frozen content, sooner than later, because my anxiety can’t wait another six years. But I really hope whatever’s next fixes all the issues with Frozen II and Elsa.

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    Frozen 3 should incorporate a struggle between the sisters on how to raise Anna’s children when it’s discovered they have powers…Elsa believes taking them to be raised in the enchanted woods is best where as Anna wants them close to her always and being queen can’t just up and move

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