Disney’s Princesses are coming to Disney Infinity

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Princess for Disney Infinity

This month, Disney Interactive will introduce Princesses to the party. The Princesses are among the top requests to Disney Infinity.

Rapunzel comes equipped with her favorite frying pan to smack her enemies and Anna will use a grappling hook to break the ice and Elsa will use magical ice abilities.

“It’s not just about bringing about popular characters, but characters that are really fun,” says Vignocchi.

Disney Infinity is a video game with toys players bring to life in the game through a special portal. Players can also use Power Discs to change landscapes in the customizable Toy Box, which allow them to build their own worlds and share them with friends.

The game has proven successful for Disney Interactive. More than 1 million Starter Packs, which include a copy of the game, and a variety of Toys and Power Discs, have been sold. Also, nearly 2 million levels created in the game’s Toy Box mode have been downloaded since launch.

The new characters are:

  •  Rapunzel: The wonderful princess from Tangled, Rapunzel has her signature frying pan (and long locks). But, it’s the frying pan that can be used as both a melee weapon and ranged to defeat her enemies. (11/22 – Wal-Mart exclusive – $12.99)
  •  Ralph: While not a Princess the classic 8-bit character is making his debut in a real-life video game… the Infinity Toy Box! Ralph’s wrecking abilities allows him to conquer enemies as does his 8-bit Cherry Bombs. (11/22 – Best Buy exclusive- $12.99)
  •  Vanellope: She is back and better than ever! Vanellope brings her amazing Glitch ability that will allow her to teleport short distances and glitch out characters that come in contact with her. (11/24 – Target exclusive- $12.99)
  •  Frozen Toy Pack: The pack comes with Anna, Elsa and two power discs to be utilized in the Toy Box mode. Anna will be able to use her grappling hook to get to hard-to-reach places and use her shovel to defeat enemies. Elsa will utilize her magical ice abilities, such as using the Freeze Ball to stop opponents in their tracks. (11/26 – Wide release – $29.99)

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