Pop Century’s Eighties Classic Section Refurbishment Photo Tour

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The rooms at Pop Century are undergoing a lengthy refurbishment.  Building #8, which is the 90’s section of the Resort, is now complete.  The Refurbishment has since moved to buildings #7 and #9; the Eighties buildings.  Here is our Pop Century Eighties Classic Refurbishment Photo Tour.

Building #7 was sporting construction workers on every floor.  The windows are covered with plastic and blue tape.  This building is scheduled to open for Guests on August 14, 2017.  Roger Rabbit is in his specified location overseeing the work.

The busiest areas of construction are covered with plywood.  We could see workers back there with a wall completely opened through to the space beyond.  Workers with the yellow and orange vests were busy bringing in equipment and moving between the rooms.  Each window has its own notice posted.

You cannot access the back of the building #7 as there are no walkways around the space.

Views of Building #7 from the top!

Building #9 is a bit closer to completion and will officially be open for Guests on July 24, 2017.

The windows have curtains hanging in them and we can see much of the furniture has been installed.  Room #9170 even had its 55 inch television on!

The mini fridges were sitting on the floor, in many of the rooms.  just waiting to be installed.

We were able to view the back of Building #9 where the space was a flurry of activity with construction workers moving around.  The televisions and much of the furniture has already been brought into these rooms.

The back of Building #9 houses construction vehicles and Pop Century Resort transportation vehicles.  We were very excited to see the Housekeeping Carts, loaded with towels and other supplies, sitting outside of these rooms on the first floor.  This certainly signifies that these rooms are nearly ready for Guests.

Views of Building #9 from the top floor of Building #8.  You can see there are construction workers on every floor of this building.  The Eighties Classic Refurbishment is certainly making incredible progress.

Part of the 90’s Parking Lot is closed for Construction equipment.  This space also serves as the location for Porta-Potties and a space to sit for the Construction Workers.  The enclosed space is at the end of the parking area and does not hinder traffic in any way.

Building #8, the 90’s section of Pop Century Resort, was the first building to complete refurbishment.  The pool remains open with Buildings #7 and #9 on either side of it undergoing refurbishment.  We were able to go up to the fourth floor to view the area from above.  We also took a ride in a newly refurbished Elevator Car.

I spoke with a very nice Cast Member who shared with me that Building #9 was initially scheduled to open on July 14th, but had been pushed back to an official opening date of July 24th.  He stated that there was a minor delay but that they want it done right, not fast.  He also shared that Building #7 is scheduled to open on August 14th at this point in time.  We mentioned that we are very happy to see there will no longer be carpet in the refurbished rooms.  The Cast Member went on to say, “Well that is so 1980’s!”  We had a laugh (after all it is the 1980’s section of Pop Century we are talking about) and he then stated that they also have mold-resistant surfaces in the bathrooms.  No more grout or tile to attract and grow mold.   This is very exciting to hear as the humidity here in Central Florida easily causes mold to build up on surfaces.  What a great feature for families who have family members with these types of allergies.

See our short video tour of the Eighties Classic Refurbishment here:

We look forward to staying in one of these newly refurbished rooms in the near future.  The entire project is scheduled to be completed by Summer 2018.  We tried to find out what section of Pop Century Resort will be next for refurbishment, but we were unable to get an answer to that question.  Based on the current direction, we would anticipate the 70’s section, Buildings #6 and #10 would likely be next.  For now, this concludes our Pop Century Eighties Classic Refurbishment Photo Tour.  We will be sure to keep you updated on the progress of this refurbishment.

What do you think of this lengthy refurbishment taking place at Pop Century Resort?  Please leave your comments in the box below.


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