The Polite Pig Disney Springs Serves Up Modern Barbecue and Cocktails on Tap

The Polite Pig Disney Springs opened its doors to the general public on April 10th.  This newest restaurant is located in the Town Center Neighborhood of Disney Springs.  The Polite Pig is now serving Modern Barbecue dishes and a variety of cocktails on tap.  Here is our review of the meal we had there this week.

If you are stopping by The Polite Pig Disney Springs for something to eat you can enter from the side door and hop on line to order.  The menu includes Snacks, Salads, Sandwiches, From The Smoker Meals, Market Sides and Desserts.  They do not have an allergy-friendly menu.  However, our Server told us the Chef will speak with you individually to determine what choices may be available for you based on your specific allergies.  For example, the Coffee Rub Brisket and the Maple Glazed Salmon are gluten-free.

The Disney Dining Plan is accepted and will cost you one Quick Service credit.  You can choose a Salad, or Sandwich, with one side, and a soft drink beverage.  We feel the best choice for your Quick Service Credits are the “From The Smoker” options as each of these is served with your selection of Meat, Slaw, Texas Toast, and one Market Side as well as your soft drink.  One word of note here, the Desserts each cost $7.00 and are therefore not included in your meal under the Disney Dining Plan.  You will need to purchase these separately as the idea is that dessert, under the use of  a Quick Service Dining Credit, typically costs $5.00 or less.

Once you have placed your order you can find a seat. Place your Number on your table and a Server will bring you your food when it is ready.  This concept is quite similar to Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom where you receive a Red Rose that is essentially a GPS for the Servers to locate you within the restaurant.  The high ceilings and the exposed ductwork are interesting but are also a magnet for sound!  It gets very loud in there.

The Sauce Bar has a variety of jarred sauces as well as the traditional pump sauces.  The pump sauces were covered with clear plastic cups and we decided not try any of those.

There is a soft drink station against one wall with Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, and Fountain Beverages.

We started with the Hop Salt Pretzel Snack option.  This was our least favorite part of the meal.  The pretzel was room temperature and quite dry. The Hop Salt gives the pretzel a strong flavor.  The Beer Cheese was barely warm and did not add much to the pretzel.  The IPA Mustard, on the other hand, was quite good.  This condiment added great flavor to the pretzel.

The Sandwich option we chose was The Southern Pig.  This particular item was our favorite item of the evening.  The pulled pork is tangy and quite flavorful.  The apple slaw placed on top adds a nice flavor and texture combination to the pork.  The Toasted Bun is very good with a nice, almost slightly sweet, flavor.

Dessert was the Orange Blossom Honey Cake.  This sweet treat was good with a sweet citrus flavor.  The cake is moist and the frosting is not overdone.  Our favorite part of the cake is the drizzle of Orange Blossom Honey on top.

If you are just looking to enjoy a beer, a cocktail, or a pitcher of beer or cocktails you can step up to the Polite Pig’s Indoor/Outdoor Patio Bar.  What we love about this bar is that it begins outside, and extends into the restaurant via open sliding glass doors.  This location makes for a nice spot to gather with friends to socialize while enjoying an adult alcoholic beverage.

The Polite Pig serves up Beer, Cocktails and Wine.  While this may not sound like something new, the interesting point here is that they are all served on tap.  This new concept is sure to be a favorite amongst many visitors.  Since we were driving, we did not indulge this time around.  I will visit with friends soon and certainly try a cocktail or two from The Polite Pig’s Indoor/Outdoor Patio Bar.

In addition to the Indoor Seating, and Indoor/Outdoor Patio Bar, there is outdoor patio seating at tables with umbrellas.  As you can see, the outdoor tables are already quite popular.

The Polite Pig Team Members are perfectly polite and more than willing to assist with any questions.  Felix was our Server and he was really a fun guy.  Trisha answered some additional questions we had on our way out.

Overall, the Polite Pig Disney Springs is a nice place to enjoy a meal and some adult beverages.  We recommend the Sandwiches and are planning to go back to try some of the From The Smoker options as well as a cocktail or two on tap.  We do agree that the prices are a bit steep for what you get.  Most Quick Service restaurants offer the sandwich along with a side.  The Polite Pig offers the Sandwich and that is it; unless you want to spend an additional $6.00 for one side.  With the sandwiches costing between $11.00 and $15.00 the price jumps up pretty quickly.  There is the option of purchasing three sides for $15.00 which may be a good idea.  However, you will not be able to enjoy any of the smoked meats in that scenario.  The Polite Pig Disney Springs is now open and ready to serve up Modern Barbecue and Cocktails on Tap.

Will you be stopping by to enjoy a meal, or a beverage, at the Polite Pig Disney Springs?  Please leave your comments in the box below.


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