Country Bear Jamboree


The Country Bear Jamboree fits perfectly into Frontierland!  It’s an air conditioned stage show, featuring animatronic bears who put on a 16 minute show of good ol’ fashioned country music!  This is located in Frontierland, between the Frontierland Shootin’ Gallery and Pecos Bill’s Cafe.  Although this isn’t one of the most thrilling attractions at the Magic Kingdom, it provides air conditioning and a place to sit down and rest from the heat.

  • This show is appropriate for any age and height.  Everyone in your travel party will enjoy the Country Bear Jamboree.
  • It’s usually a 10 minute wait between shows.  The shows last approximately 16 minutes.
  • Sometimes the bears roam Frontierland or take a ride on the Liberty Belle Riverboat.  Be on the look out for them to score some fun pictures!
  • There is nothing scary about the show.  But the darkened theater might cause concern for young children.

Quick Tip:  The Country Bear Jamboree is one of the last attractions at Walt Disney World to be developed by Walt Disney himself.  It’s a great place to wait out a FastPass for Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Overall, we give this attraction a “B”.



One thought on “Country Bear Jamboree

  1. This is one of those attractions that a lot of people pass by after having done it once in their lifetime. Personally I enjoy it, and dont miss it when we are in MK. I still remember seeing the show for the first time when I was just 2 and I really like that it is one of the original attractions from 1971. Its really cute and it also is neat to compare it to the newer attractions and see how the animatronics have come so far since the 70s. Make sure you look at the animals on the wall.

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