Swiss Family Tree House

Swiss Family Tree House

Swiss Family Treehouse

This Magic Kingdom attraction is located in Adventureland.  You will find the Treehouse as you enter the Adventureland from Main Street USA.  It’s next to the Jungle Cruise and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  One of the original Adventureland attractions, the Swiss Family Treehouse is meant to look like the real thing from the 1960 Disney movie of the same name.   You will see the bedrooms,  library, and a kitchen.  Most enthralling to the little kid set is the water wheel pulley system that delivers water throughout the treehouse.

  •   The walk through attraction is 6 stories high and includes a sneak peek at how the Robinson Family converted a tree into their island home after being shipwrecked.  You will see the bedrooms,  library, and a kitchen. There are wooden placards placed throughout the treehouse with a synopsis of the Robinson story.
  • This attraction is not handicapped accessible at all.  There are no other restrictions, other than your own stamina.
  • There are 116 steps and no turning back once you begin your trek.
  •  Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.  There is usually a little or no wait time for this attraction.

The Treehouse is a treat to see, especially if you are familiar with the movie.  All the items in the treehouse actually appear to be salvaged or created from island materials.  In fact. only the moss is real on this Disney invented tree.  The attention to detail is unequivocally Disney!  Depending on how much you stop to look, this attraction can take 15 to 20 minutes to walk thorough.

This is a great place to explore at least once while you are waiting for your FASTPASS times on the Jungle Cruise or Pirates of the Caribbean.  For a little trivia, the first Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse was in Disneyland and is now Tarzan’s house.

Quick Tip:   Take in the view from the top.  You can check out the Jungle Cruise ride from a great angle and really pretend to be shipwrecked!

Overall this attraction is a B.

3 thoughts on “Swiss Family Tree House

  1. For me, it’s ok to see it once and that’s it.. Too much stair climbing to be honest with nothing really extraordinary about it. Yea! It’s cool to see how the Swiss Family Robinson lived, but that’s about it. Not much excitement there. I think Disney needs to reimagineer this one to make it a little less boring.

  2. It was cool to see once. Maybe twice. Unfortunately I spent the whole time walking stairs (with my toddlers) with people behind me trying to rush past us and acting as if we shouldn’t be there. It’s one of those slow and take it all in attractions people!

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