Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Mickey's PhilharMagic

Classic characters?  Check.  Disney animation?  Check.  Whimsy and fun?  Check & check!  If you are looking for all these, plus some fascinating 3D animation, you’ve found Mickey’s Philharmagic.  At Mickey’s Philharmagic, located in Fantasyland, Donald and his friends are putting on a “classic orchestra” show for you with some fun antics, and a lot of fun!  The second Donald puts on Mickey’s sorcerer hat, you know you’re in for a treat!  All the classic Disney characters are here, so sit back and enjoy the show!

  • When you enter the theater, you will be given a pair of 3D glasses for viewing the show.  
  • The show is about 12 minutes, and the theater seats close to 500 guests.  There are seats for approximately 10 wheelchairs.
  • There are special effects, but it’s not at all scary. Sounds, vibrations, wind, and scents just add to the magic!
  • Try to enter the auditorium through the doors on the left of the waiting area.  They lead to the front of the seating.
  • After Mickey’s Philharmagic lets out, the area around It’s a Small World can be very busy and congested.
  • The seats are very comfortable, and this is an attraction your whole family will love!

Mickey’s Philharmagic is a Disney classic!  It’s a “must do” on your touring plan, and you won’t be disappointed.  Attractions where all the classic characters, including princesses, are together is Disney at its best.  You”ll leave Mickey’s Philharmagic with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

Quick Tip:  If viewing Mickey’s Philharmagic with young children, they may enjoy it more without the 3D glasses.  The characters may look a bit fuzzy, but they won’t be right in their face.  It could be a more pleasant viewing experience for them.

Overall, we give this attraction an “A+”.

17 thoughts on “Mickey’s PhilharMagic

  1. This is a family favorite. Not too long to get boring for toddlers, but just long enough to engage them in the sights, sounds, and yes smells! If you are at WDW during the hotter months, it also feels wonderful to step out of the sun into the relaxing air conditioned theatre. So much fun to watch.

  2. This is hands down my favorite 3D movie at WDW. This is good for anyone that loves classic Disney movies!

  3. This is one of my absolute favorite shows at Disney! All the effects are amazing. I get chills every time I watch it! Love love love!

  4. it’s so hard not to sing aloud during the show! another attraction that puts a big smile on my face

  5. This is my son’s all-time favorite! It’s a nice way to take a short rest during the day, and is now a must-do on every trip.

  6. This is a great show, one of my favorite times to watch it is in the heat of the afternoon, it can get a little busy during this time; however, it is well worth a wait. The show is full of classic Disney characters and will have you singing along too! This is always a must do on our trips!

  7. There is never a long wait for this show and it is awesome! Full of Disney classics, fun, and my favorite Disney guy, Donald Duck!

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